Health Tips


Aim to do something every day, that’s rewarding, achievable and sustainable. 80% of exercise should be aerobic – you should be lightly puffing but still able to talk. If you want to push it harder every now and again and feel a little more burn, make sure you are well warmed up and you have a nice cool down but have fun with higher intensity exercises.


Play reduces stress, promotes creativity and reduces blood pressure. Smile and laugh everyday. Lighten up, free your spirit.

Stretch and Grow

Three times a day for 90 seconds stretch out those hamstrings, breathe and relax, allow the tension to disappear.


We lose 2-3 litres of water each day through sweat, respiration and through our bladder and bowels. This must be replaced for our bodies to function properly. Drink 3-4 large glasses of water every morning. Go for a 20-30 min walk or jog BEFORE breakfast.

If you are still hungry between meals, have a glass of water or herbal tea and wait 15 minutes. If you are still hungry at that point, have a water-rich snack for example, apple (85%), orange (88%), watermelon (94%) or carrot (91%)


Eat 70% live or fresh food, get loads of variety, more colours generally means more nutrients, have some good fats with every meal, go organic where possible, chew your food well and ensure you have adequate fibre.


Devote one week every year to cleanse your body through fasting, juices, fruit and veggies, and colonic treatments.

***These health tips and more are from Dr David Hendrey’s book Vision for Vitality – a 13 week program for Vibrant Healthy Living***

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