Chiropractic Workshops

Dr David Hendrey currently holds a weekly workshop on a Tuesday evening from 6pm to 6.30pm. Currently we have 2 topics in rotation – Save time and Money & Rehab Exercises. To make a booking, please call the office on (07) 5437 7222.

Save Time & Money

This workshop gives you tips on how to get the best results from your Chiropractic Care.

Rehab Exercises

Learn how to correctly use spinal orthotics and postural stretches for faster results and to increase core strength.

Creating The Vision

Everyone is fabulously different with unique backgrounds, genetic potential as well as dreams and goals.  Dr David will guide you through a very powerful session in which you will create a compelling vision for your health and you do deserve vibrant healthy?

Foundations For Your Future Health

Vital information no parent can afford to miss.  Amazing facts about your body that will shatter conventional thinking about genetic potential.  After you discover this breakthrough research, you will never see your body the same again. Guaranteed!

How to DRAMATICALLY improve your Quality of Life by 45.6% in Just 12 Weeks

Startling facts an Italian Medical Professor (while studying 17,142 people) discovered that could slash our hospital waiting queues by 87%.

Learn X Ways to Improve your Brain Function and IQ

Think clearer with free and easy recall.

The Secrets of Health and Hapiness

We all deserve to be happy but sometimes things happen.  Depression affects 1 in 5 Australians.  If you or a loved one has been touched by depression, you can’t afford to miss this.

Superbug Danger – Learn to Boost your Immune System Naturally by 200%

Apathy and over-prescribing of antibiotics are setting us up for an epidemic on a scale not seen since the Black Death.  Miss this at your own peril.

Essential Easy Eating for Vital Healthy Living: The Dummies Guide

Great nutrition need not take hours off work everyday. Learn simple strategies for astounding results. Fast.

Chemistry of Life

Hormones enable magic to occur every second inside us. If not understood and respected, they can also cause devastation of our internal terraine. Sufferes of migraines, pms, infertility or endometriosis must attend.

Increase your Agility, Balance, Power and Coordination by 16-17% in just 12 weeks.

Learn what Lance Armstrong believes was his secret weapon in winning a record 7 Tour de France.  Every athlete, whether a elite pro or a weekend warrior, don’t give your competition an advantage.  No drug used. Promised!  If your over go, this powerful presentation could save your life.


You will learn self assesment tools and remedies that will not only have you feeling great, but looking great too.  Sufferers of back pain, whiplash will love this class.

Fitness Vs Health

Obesity kills. Diabetes wreaks devastation across our neighbours. Learn what you can do to turn things around. You will be surprised and excited by what you learn.

The Mind/Body Spirit Link

We all know we are much more than our physical body.  In this class Dr David will explore the mind/body/spirit link in a simple easy to understand way.  Uncover a freedom and joy many thought impossible.