VHL Members

Vibrant Healthy Living

Vibrant = Full Of Life

Healthy = Feeling (10%) + Function (90%)

Living = Lifestyle + Habbits


To live a long healthy vibrant life, a well maintained spine and nervous system is essential. This will ensure your spine and nerves:

  • Last longer
  • Feel better
  • Function better

Regular Chiropractic care has a massive positive effect on your master control system; your nerve system. It is essential for your body, mind and spirit and is a key part for you to enjoy:


A recent study of 2818 patients showed that Chiropractic care is associated with statistically significant, profound and consistent improvement in:

  • Physical well-being
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved emotional and psychological well-being!
  • Enjoyment of life
  • Increase of positive lifestyle changes
  • Overall quality of life
David Hendrey Chiropractic

Dr. David Hendrey

Chiropractor & Wellness Coach

Personal message from Dr David

I have a vision to share strategies and provide information and care for you and your family so you may enjoy Vibrant healthy Living.

Many people come and see me for aches and pains, but there is so much more to Vibrant healthy Living than just pain relief.

There is an amazing Innate power and potential inside of you that for many people goes untapped.

After you have finished your initial stage of Chiropractic care, you will be invited to join our Vibrant healthy Living Club.

Our team is totally committed to supporting, encouraging and inspiring you on your journey towards Vibrant healthy Living.

Yours in Health,
Dr David Hendrey.

Discover a world of Vibrant Healthy Living…

Imagine being part of a club of like minded people as committed to their health as you. An exclusive club where everything is designed to ensure you’re living your life at its optimal level.

From fun filled events including, BBQ’s, dinners and renowned guest speakers, to exclusive offers designed specifically for our club members from local businesses and restaurants.

BECAUSE… NOW YOU CAN. Benefits of the VHL Club

At Hendrey Chiropractic we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop something unseen before on the coast. An exclusive health and lifestyle club tailored for our clients that have shown their commitment to their health.

Benefits of the VHL Club
  • The most important benefit is you enjoying Vibrant Healthy Living.
  • Join together with other likeminded individuals and families.
  • Enjoy fun days out, ie BBQ’s.
  • Quarterly special evening events these include:
    • Guest speakers who have been chosen to contribute to you on your journey to Vibrant Healthy Living.
    • Artists and Authors

Vibrant Healthy Living

But this club is not for everyone. It’s invitation only, and all club members have earnt their membership.

Are you one of those special individuals committed to living a life of fun, vitality and energy? If so, congratulations. We are here for you.