Our Services

Chiropractic Treatment

A Spinal Adjustment is given when the Chiropractor carefully applies a quick and controlled pressure in a precise direction to a vertebrae that is subluxated. The Adjustment is usually given manually by hand, however special tools such as an Activator or Integrator may be used. In order for the affected area to return to normal, this may take several adjustments. It takes time for the surrounding tissue to accept the new position as being ‘normal’ – just like teeth take time to straighten; the spine takes time to heal. Book now to feel the benefits a Chiropractic Adjustment can deliver.

Naturopathic Consultation

Our aim is to provide you with natural alternatives for your family’s primary health concerns. We assess your cellular health through a series of diagnostic tests, designed to help identify the causes to your current state of well-being. Once this is established we tailor a natural health regime to correct the underlying causes, and work together to help you achieve your birthright of optimum health & vitality!

Massage Therapy

Feeling sore and out of balance? Have you been training hard and need some help recovering? Or maybe you have picked up an injury that needs some attention? Our Qualified Massage Therapists Penne and Josh have a combined 24 years of experience in dealing with all of the above. So wait no longer, book in for a treatment today.

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